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From the time when teaching is an honorable profession and knows for the qualities of head and heart, the vision of our college is to provide the best to our students. We are committed to deliver the job oriented courses to all those students who belongs to lower class and middle class by providing the top class education. The major vision of our Chitravansham society is to make our college as a center of academic excellence in the field of pharmacy so that we can provide our students with the appropriate and best skills and knowledge.


The major mission of our Chitravansham society is the welfare of the humanity in general and people of India as we believe that educated citizens can make India strong. And the major mission of this college is to provide the education to all those students who are not able to get it due to the lack of colleges in the underprivileged area. We provide you all the facilities with our job oriented courses that is needed in order to become the specialists. We focus on grooming the young generation for their better future by encouraging them and preparing them for facing all kinds of challenges. We want that all the students become the specialists of pharmacy, thus we will continue to put our efforts by providing quality education and facilities to all our students with the best teaching staff.