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The Pharmaceutics Department aims to enhance the effectiveness and security of treatments by providing comprehensive education and pioneering research in the fields of drug delivery and distribution sciences. Our investigations result in the development of innovative approaches to optimize the potency of medication while reducing the likelihood of toxicity and adverse reactions, or both.

The field of pharmaceutics is concerned with the study of drug formulation, design, development, and delivery. It is an important area of research that aims to improve the effectiveness, safety, and convenience of drug therapy. The main goal of pharmaceutics is to develop new drug products and optimize existing ones to ensure that they are safe, effective, and easy to use. The Department of Pharmaceutics typically focuses on teaching and research related to drug development, formulation, and delivery.

Some of the key areas of study within the field of pharmaceutics include:
  • Drug formulation: The development of drug formulations that optimize drug stability, solubility, and bioavailability.
  • Drug delivery: The design of drug delivery systems that optimize drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion.
  • Biopharmaceutics: The study of the relationship between a drug's physical and chemical propertiesand behavior in the body. Pharmacokinetics: The study pertains to how drugs are absorbed by the body and how they are further distributed, metabolized, and excreted.
  • Pharmacodynamics: The examination of the biological and chemical impacts of medications on the body's physiological processes.
  • Pharmaceutical technology: The study of the physical and chemical properties of drugs and the development of drug delivery systems.
  • Regulatory affairs: The study of the regulations governing drug development and marketing. In summary, the pharmaceutics department plays a critical role in the development of new drugs and drug delivery systems.