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Pharmaceutics is the first department under the D. Pharma course offered by us. In this department, an untiring pledge to excellence in instruction, research and service is established with the help of outstanding productivity and success of our students, staff and all the faculty members. The area covered by this department is around 12.20 X 7.62 in which there are refined and classy processing and analytical tools and equipment.

Let us know some of the tools that you will get in this department for your practice and experience to gain the practical knowledge. Some of the tools are like Malvern (Mastersizer), high pressure homogenizer, ultrasonicator, cascade impactor, rheometer, freeze drier, extrusion spheronizer, micro fluidizer, electrospinning, HPLC, and a lot more.

It sets importance on integrated research approach on the formulations of herbal, modern and phyto. In this department all the faculty staff are net qualified that are engaged in research and working on wide variety of research projects. They are working on those projects which are funded by the pharmaceutical industries such as DST, UGC, ICMR, AIZTE, DBT, DRDO and a lot more. Thus, you will get more practical knowledge and a chance to work on these live projects so that you will get all the practical knowledge and some experience so that you will become an expert in pharmaceutical field.