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Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemidtry is the second department under the D. Pharma course offered by us which encompasses of dedicated and experienced team of faculty and staff members who dynamically involved in research events. The area covered by this department is around 12.20 X 7.62 in which there are 10 research laboratories where you can practice to enhance your practical knowledge and skills.

In these laboratories, there are sophisticated analytical equipment and tools on which you can work anytime to enhance your knowledge. Let us know some of these tools and equipment that are placed in our laboratories. Some of these tools are HPLC, HPTLC, Elemental Analyzer, V-life science, SFC, Combinatorial synthesizer, DSC, GC-MS-MS, Silicone graphic work station and several advanced software such as Schrödinger, and a lot more.

The department sets importance on integrated research approach on the synthesis of molecules and pharmacological evaluation. In this department, the core areas are growth of analytical methods for Pharmaceutical formulations; standardization of polyherbal formulations with the help of HPTILC and HPLC; Herbal drug analysis; pharmacokinetics of herbal markers and herb drug interaction and a lot more.

The faculty and other staff members are evolved in in research and working on huge number of research projects funded by the pharmaceutical industries such as DST, NMPB-Dept of Ayush, and a lot more. Let us tell you that, not only the staff members but you will also get a chance to practice your concept with the help of these live projects. The faculties help you in providing the best education with the practical knowledge.