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The central focus of the department's research is to uncover the basic processes through which medications function, facilitating the development of new drug discoveries. The Department of Pharmacology at Mahrishi College of Pharmacy consists of professors, students, and staff collaborating to comprehend the impact of chemicals on human illnesses. Certain chemicals and drugs serve as treatments for human diseases, while others are recognized as causing them.

The pharmacology department is concerned with the analysis of the potential effects of drugs on human biological systems. It is an important area of research that aims to understand the mechanisms of drug action and the therapeutic effects and side effects of drugs. The main goal of pharmacology is to identify new drug targets, develop new drugs, and optimize existing drugs to improve patient outcomes.

The Department of Pharmacology typically focuses on teaching and research related to drug action and the effects of drugs on the body. In summary, the pharmacology department plays a critical role in the development of new drugs and the optimization of existing drugs. The goal of pharmacology is to improve patient outcomes by understanding the mechanisms of drug action and the effects of drugs on the body.