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Counselling and Mentoring

Counselling and Mentoring


  • The major objective of the counselling and mentoring of the college is to counsel the students on both issues whether it is personal or professional. These issues are counselled by respective mentors on a regular basis.
  • To keep track of the progress of the mentee.
  • To resolve the grievances and report it to the concerned committee.


The counselling of the teachers and the students is for the mentoring of the students in order to counsel students for the personal and professionals problems encountered by them.

A small group of students are allotted to a single faculty and staff member.


  • The teachers must organize one meeting in one month with their respective allotted students.
  • The data should be collected from the students in detail in such a format which is provided in a register. If any problem is faced by the students should be noted in the meeting and it will be solved appropriately in consent with the concerned committee.
  • The students are counselled for career guidance and higher studies preparation from the root level by their respective allotted teachers.
  • A report of the meeting must be made which should be submitted to incharge.
  • The report of the action taken to resolve the issue should be submitted at the end of the academic year in the proper format given to you.