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Language Lab

Language Lab

English is the most commonly used language which has become necessary in the lives of young people who aspire to develop their careers across the world. For the success of any professional, there is a requirement of good communication skills. Thus, we provide you the language lab in our campus where you will learn the language and enhance your communication skills.

Our language lab in houses Core i3 & i5 Systems and creative products such as headsets, digital multimedia control, microphones, the interactive response control, and a lot more. These innovative products are very useful for students learning languages for communication, for assessing students' speech and a lot more. This lab also provides the students with technical tools to get the best samples of pronunciation of the words.

In the lab, there are electronic devices present which stimulate the eyes and ears of the learner to acquire the language quickly and easily. One of the best facility that you will get in the lab that is you will be allowed to listen to model pronunciation, repeat and record the same,. You are also allowed to listen your performance so that you can compare it with the model and can enhance it for the next time.